Sunday, September 4, 2011


The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me,because the LORD has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. Is. 61:1a

Have you ever felt you were so cold, you didn't think you would make it through the night? Have you ever truly had no food and honestly had 
no clue where your next meal would come from? Have you ever gone through trash cans and dumpsters to try to find something that may help you 
stay warm? Have you ever been laughed at, mocked at, or walked past? Have you ever felt that there is no way life could ever get better? Welcome
to the life of a homeless man.

Growing up I really dont think I had a soft heart. Yes, I grew up a Christian. But honestly my heart really didnt break when it should have.
I was a teenager when it changed. Movies, songs, stories, people. I think it is a gift. Ok, maybe not crying during a sad movie, but you know 
what I mean. We need to cry out to have our hearts broken by the things that break Gods heart. For me that are the people hurting on the street.
It could be the children on the streets of Sudan whose parents were killed and they are left alone, afraid, and hungry. It could also be the 
middle age executive that lost his job then slowly lost everything. Now living on the cold hard street trying to find his way again. Where 
before he would easily pay $30.00 for a meal, he now is hungry and going through the trash on 9th Street searching for scraps some child didn't

God started speaking to me about the homeless years ago. I would literally get sick to my stomach when i would see one. Not in a "can we
please pass this person, they are freaking me out" kind of way. But, I need to stop and help them out kind of way. Through the years I was
able to do things for them. I would carry bags of food in my trunk to hand out if needed. Extra blankets or jackets I no longer used. I was
blessed to work at a store for years where we would have homeless people sit outside on the bench. Sometimes asking for handouts. Sometimes
taking the weight off their weary feet. Nothing was more enjoyable than sitting on the bench and sharing my lunch and my prayers. I remember 
this one man. I brought a hot cup of coffee and a donut from our morning meeting. He was ever grateful . I sat down next to him and asked him
his name. He began to share his story. I asked if I could pray for anything. He sat there a moment just looking at me with these eyes. These 
big dark eyes that told a million stories. He then said please. We prayed and I went back to work and he went on his day. I never did see him

Many times I have seen peoples faces or heard them talk about the person sitting on the cold ground asking for food. It saddens me. We may 
not be able to help that person, but please do not speak harsh of them. We do not know their stories. We do not know where they've been. We 
do not know what is going on. Simply smile. A smile means a lot. You never know when someone may be at the end. They want to give up, but the
smile keeps them going. There are many things you can do. Give a meal. Give a couple dollars. Ask them to lunch. Give them a coat or a blanket.
Serve at a homeless shelter. Pray for them. Even from your home.

In Nashville alone there are between 2500-3000 homeless people. 50 of them died in 2008. Anything from health issues, to being sick, to just
being cold and poor nutrition. This is JUST in Nashville. 

Please take a couple minutes to watch the video I posted (this is the first video I have posted, lets hope we get it on). I was leading worship for a while down at Tent City, a homeless community down in Nashville. It was destroyed during our big flood. My very talented friend put this together. Enjoy!