Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gods Love For You

I wrote this a couple years ago and just came upon it this afternoon and felt like sharing it. Enjoy!

I was reading an email from a dear soul and it saddened my heart. She has been going through so many hard trying things in her life. It's like a huge wave has been thrown up against her and she is left laying there lifeless. Not knowing what to do. Not knowing which was is up. Not knowing where to go. 
It's situations like this where we find it so much easier to stay where we are thrown, close our eyes, and believe everything will be ok. Not wanting to try to get up and brush off the dirt, the hardness, the sadness off us. I know myself I am that way. Let me stay here and never rise again. Im fine. But God is standing right by you with His hand stretched out to you waiting. He is there patient and the moment you turn to face Him, He has the most beautiful smile upon His face. He is not saying anything but you can feel it. It's like He is saying, its ok. Im here now. And as you reach out your hand, He gently grips yours and pulls you to your feet and wraps His ever loving arms around you. There He holds you for a long time. No words have to be spoken because you know you are safe. You are well. You are with the Father. He backs away and gently wipes away your tears with His nail scared hands and brings forth a smile. He then whispers, I love you, and as you look into His eyes you know you are going to be fine. 

It's sort of surreal. How can someone make you feel this way. It's true though. He is the King of Kings and no one will ever understand how someone can be so amazing. He is, simple as that. No need to try to fathom it, because you never will be able to. Something you must believe and live out. 

I, at so many times, try to figure out how people can live their life without Him. How can you wake up every morning and breath in the morning air and not think of who created it. I cant believe how someone can go out running and think of who made them. I cant believe someone can sit on a rock and hear the waves crashing around them as the most magnificent sunset is setting before them and not know who created that. It is as if God is sitting there painting it right before you. A show, to let you know He loves you. Those beautiful colors filling the sky are a gift from Him. Something He places in the Heavens to tell you He loves you. He wants you to know that.