Thursday, May 9, 2013


You are my hero. You are my inspiration. You have convicted me to start training. You need to be a motivational speaker. You have changed my life. 

Over the past 6 months these are things people have come up to tell me. I am completely humbled every time someone tells me these things. It all takes me by surprise and I smile and with a thankful heart thank each and every person. Most of the time I am able to stand there and share my story, hear theres and simply encourage them on their journey. This is my passion. This is my heart. These things make me smile and know I am doing what I was created to do. To encourage and to love people. 

I have a huge passion for people. I also have a huge passion for helping people live out their journey and success in weight loss. I absolutely love it when someone comes up to me to tell me how much I have inspired them. That is then an open invitation for me to encourage them in their journey. It is simply amazing what you can learn about someone by simply asking. People are so willing to be open with me, some smiling the whole time, some starting to cry. You can see so much by just listening and looking into someones eyes. There is either joy or pain. Where is this pain coming from? What caused this pain? Most of the pain comes from the heavier or shy people. THESE are the souls I love to talk to. They are so eager to listen. 

Being over weight all my life, made fun of, single, and a dork, I know what a lot of people are going through. I can connect with them on a whole different level. Not fitting into clothes from a "normal" store, I understand. Being called names, I understand. Being embarrassed, been there. Being single, yup! I feel God brought me through this life to use me later on. Which is now. And I couldn't be more thankful. Yes, growing up it was hard. Not going to lie. There were times I wished my life would come to an end. Not going to lie about that. But there is always a silver lining. There is always a reason. I am ever so thankful that God chose this journey. This life for me. 

It simply breaks my heart seeing this nation so obese. So unhealthy. Unfortunately you can only hope and pray that wake up and be encouraged. You never can force something onto someone. Yes, there is a possibility they will make the change, but there is also the chance to making them angry and further themselves from a healthy life. I will stay encouraging, answer questions, and continue to live my life so others will see the change in me. I cannot wait for the day when I can start working one on one with these souls longing to make a change. I cant wait to stand in front of lives lost and in need of a healthy lifestyle change and speak encouragement and hope into their lives. Through God all things are possible. Always believe that YOU ARE SPECIAL and you can do ANYTHING!

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  1. Yay Carey!! I love it!! I am one of those people you inspired! You inspired and motivated me through my journey and cheered me on as I lost 40 lbs! You literally are the reason I started!! I want to keep going on this health journey and will continue to see you as the shining light you are!!! :)