Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Hard work, dedication. Dedication, hard work

Hard work, dedication. Dedication, hard work. It is as simple as that. So many people come up to me, email me, text me about my journey. Needing help, asking questions, venting because all they want to do is eat every pizza in their County. My goal and passion in life is to help change this over weight/un-healthy nation by inspiring 1 person at a time. Once I inspire someone and they start making a change they will be able to be an inspiration and soon it will snowball. Starting your journey is so extremely simple, but there is 1 huge step one must make to start. You must WANT it. Im not talking about saying you want it, you must believe you want it. 100% of you in the game, because if you are truly not ready to invest you will fail. It is how it is. It is not an easy journey, but I will tell you it is worth every tear you will cry, every bruise you will get, every drop of blood that may come. If it were easy everyone would be doing it. Being on your journey you will learn so many things about YOU. You will slowly see YOU change and form into an even better YOU. But you have to want it bad enough to go through hell to earn your new you. You will learn to eat better. You will need to learn to love working out. You will need to learn to take care of YOU! Because, if you truly cannot take care of YOU, how can you take care of others? SO many people give me the best excuse ever: I have no time. BS. Again I will call BS. Shame on you for not MAKING time. I don't care if you are single, married, 1 kid, 12 kids, divorced, blind, deaf, white, black, gay, Buddist. Stop with the excuses and learn to accept the fact that you are making excuses. If you make an excuse you truly do not want a change. It can simply be you are afraid. Making a change in life is scary at times. You are afraid of the unknown. HELLO. I was once removed from a plane from having a massive panic attack and 5 years later boarded a plane from CA to the Czech Republic. Fear is an excuse. Do not give in.

Another question people ask me is my goal. Of course I would love to be a certain size. Be completely toned and strut my sexy self down the beach in my Marilyn Monroe bikini. Hello. In hot pink too! But one thing i want everyone to know is this is my life style. This is something I will be doing until God choses to take me home and I take my very last breath on earth. I will be on this journey for the rest of my days. I will daily be learning new things. Like food. I will always be changing things around. Finding new ways to stomach veggies and huge amounts of them. I will be in the gym the rest of my life. Its part of me. Some people do not understand my passion for the gym. But, simply I chose the gym as my life/my hobby. While others chose cooking, crafts, music, etc. 

I want you all to know that I am always here to answer any questions, to encourage you on your journey, or to help you begin your journey. I will push you, I will be tough while being encouraging, I will be straight forward and sugar coat nothing. God is good!


  1. YOU are so right...it's an excuse. All of it, and I think you get better and better at making them as time goes on. I am proud of you!!

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